Preparing agents for remote work

Take this course to explore some of the most successful training, monitoring, and feedback methods you can use to prepare your contact center team for remote work.

Join us on this course in which we’ll help you to prepare your agents for remote working. During this course, we’ll be sharing best practice examples and experience to help you manage an effective remote contact center workforce.

Learn how to establish straightforward communication from the start and set clear expectations with your remote agent workforce. This includes using the right communication channels and implementing ground rules.

How can you develop an agent workforce without the physical connection? Let’s take a look training options for onboarding new, remote agents to help them excel in a non-office setting.

With a remote agent workforce, it’s pivotal to ensure you have robust monitoring processes and feedback mechanisms in place. Here, we discuss some key features and tips to help you track and provide feedback to remote agents.

Whether they’re working from an office or at home, achieving strong levels of productivity from your agents is all about motivation. Let’s talk about some of the best ways to motivate your remote agent workforce.

Download this PDF to get a handy overview of all things covered in the course.

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