Driving efficiency with skills-based routing

In this course, you’ll learn how to utilize skills-based routing in an inbound call handling setting to boost agent efficiency and customer experience.

Check out this short intro to get a brief overview of what you’re going to learn about skills-based routing. Your  instructor will be Attila Kendefi – who has tons of experience in this field and will be sharing a whole array of useful tips.


In this part of the skills-based routing course, you can discover what inbound call volume looks like on an average day and how contact centers need to react to peak periods. This will give you enough flexibility to maintain the highest level of customer service provided.


In this chapter, you’ll learn some of the basics, especially what skills-based routing is and how it works. This will help you get a general idea about its usefulness in your contact center.


Watch this video to explore some of the key benefits of routing calls to individual agents with the right skillset. We will show you how this technique helps you ensure your agents’ time is used in the best way possible.


Watch this segment to learn about call blending campaigns and how you can combine inbound and outbound activities. Through this, you can ensure that your agents’ time is used even more appropriately.


Download this PDF to get a handy overview of all things covered in the course.

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