Which dialing method should you use?

During this course, you will learn about typical outbound call flows, automated dialers, and how to select the right one for you to maximize your agents’ talk time.

Conducting a successful outbound campaign can be determined by the dialer you choose. Preview, power and predictive dialers all serve a purpose and, in this course, we’ll explore using each of these.


Let’s briefly look at a typical outbound call flow for an agent. There are several components to a call including number selection, dialing, dispositions etc. Dialers play a major role in how this sequence plays out and how an agent utilizes their available time.


Here we’ll explore each dialing method; preview, power, and predictive. We’ll also compare each method in detail to weigh up their respective benefits and explain the agent and system’s role in using the dialer.


How do you choose the right dialer for your campaign? To help you decide, in this video we look at the quantitative and qualitative parameters of outbound campaigns, best uses of your agent workforce, and help you select the right dialer accordingly.


In order to gain a practical understanding of preview, power and predictive dialers, let’s take a look at some scenario-based use cases. These use cases will help you learn which dialer best suits the context of your outbound campaign.


What measures can you use to track the effectiveness of your chosen dialer? Here, we take a comparative look at preview, power and predictive dialer in the context of measuring efficiency and use a range of metrics by way of example.


If you’re campaigns are suitable for using a predictive dialer, let’s look at what you should consider when choosing a provider. These include system compatibility, technical support, CRM integration, and built-in templates.


Download this PDF to get a handy overview of all things covered in the course.

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