Maximizing debt collection effectiveness

Check out this course to learn how to get the most out of your debt collection campaigns by using the right tools, channels, and metrics.

Quickly check if this debt collection course is for you and familiarize yourself with things you’re about to learn. Our expert instructor will help you get a better understanding of how to make your debt collection campaigns more efficient.

Watch this part of the course to learn about the debt collection workflow and the main issues surrounding debt collection campaigns, such as reachability and customer expectations. Keep in mind that all process will always boil down to maximizing the efficiency and ensuring your agents’ time is used as best as possible.

Like with all customer communication, being open to using more than one channel is key for higher effectiveness. This part of the course discusses what channels to use when managing debt collection campaigns and how to use them.

Keeping track of the effectiveness of your debt collection efforts is key to maximizing their ROI. This section covers the most important campaign and agent management KPIs to look out for when managing debt collection campaigns.

Looking to take your debt collection campaigns to the next level? One of the top ways to achieve this is by utilizing top tools that help you do things faster, more efficiently and with better capabilities for analysis and reporting.

Watch this video to get a brief overview of what this course covered. Be sure to learn about some of the ways that make your debt collection campaigns as effective as possible.

Download this PDF to get a handy overview of all things covered in the course.

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