Call center quality assurance & feedback

In this course, we will cover quality assurance (QA) basics, discuss you how to create an effective QA program, and explore the required practical methods and tools.

Creating and overseeing a QA program might seem like a challenging task, but with the right strategy, management tools, and software features, you will be able to maximize your agents’ performance.

Learn some of the most practical aspects of QA processes in a call center. How to ensure QA happens regularly and without any disruptions? Listen to our tutor to ensure your processes are smooth and easy to follow.

A well-crafted and flexible QA program is one of the top way to make sure performance evaluations happen regularly. This is the perfect way of helping your agents reach their full potential, polish their skills, and be more productive.

QA evaluations often sounds great in theory but the practical nature of your call center may prove difficult to implement everything as planned. Take this course to explore some of the typical obstacles you can come across in your day-to-day operations.

Giving feedback to agents is arguably the most crucial skill for any supervisor. This is especially true for call centers which count as having a relatively high attrition rate. Take this course to get many practical tips on giving effective feedback to your agents.

QA evaluations may happen spontaneously but this is not the only way. There are plenty of tools you can use to make sure QA evaluations are smooth and really helpful to both agents and supervisor. This course will give you an idea about some of the top tools to help you out in this area.

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