Optimizing the inbound call journey

Check out this course to gain a strong understanding of the inbound call flow, its terminologies and metrics, and how to level up the process.

Crafting a logical and effective inbound call journey and metrics is pivotal to boosting your call handling success. During this course, we’ll explore inbound call journeys, what’s happening in the background of these journeys, and provide important definitions.


Here we’ll look at the steps of a typical inbound call journey using a customer service scenario. These include receiving and handling the call, dealing with the customer’s query, and selecting the appropriate call disposition.


To afford you with a solid understanding of which metrics to track, let’s analyze what’s happening in the background of call. Here we’ll look at the inbound call flow, the key action steps, and give you the formulas for calculating metrics.


In order to fully understand the background of the call flow, let’s talk about a few call and call flow definitions. These relate to inbound calls, system usage, and all after work activity.


Download this PDF to get a handy overview of all things covered in the course.

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