Don’t Let Bad Customer Service Affect Your Business! Here’s Why!

Dóra Rapcsák
January 17, 2020
January 17, 2020
4 min read
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Bad customer service will create a negative impact on your business no matter how great your products or services are. In the long run, poor service will result in losing your revenue, reputation, customers as well as employees.

In this article, we are showing you the dangerous side effects of bad customer service. Check it out and make sure you always keep your customer service standards high!

Revenue Loss   

Bad customer service creates a downward spiral for revenue. As a result of bad customer service, you can expect new customers to stay away and existing ones to leave. And of course, if your customer base decreases, you’ll have fewer sales, which will eventually lead to losing your revenue.

It’s definitely a vicious circle: your reputation gets damaged, you’ll start losing new sales, your existing customers will leave you and in the end you might even need to cut costs by downsizing your team.

And even if you decide to allocate more money for marketing purposes, if there is no effort made to improve your customer service, your newly acquired customers will soon leave you as well.  

Damaged Reputation

Without doubt, your reputation is one of the most valuable assets of your company. But in our ever-connected world, it takes only a few minutes to lose your reputation due to bad customer service.

Whether you like it or not, customers are your company’s most powerful marketing weapon. If they have a bad experience with your business, they will tell their friends, family and colleagues. In worst scenario, they will leave a negative online review about your company, which of course, will greatly damage your reputation.

Indeed, customers these days are quick to share their negative experiences online, leaving comments on review sites and social media channels. And for new customers it will take only a few minutes to check your company’s negative reviews, resulting in staying away from your business. 

Customers Leave  

With competition becoming fiercer than ever, customers these days can choose from many options when it comes to purchasing a product or service. And you can be sure that if they experience poor service, they will leave you for the competition in no time.

As acquiring new customers takes more effort than to retain the existing ones, losing customers due to bad customer service is something no business can afford.

Furthermore, when you lose a loyal customer, chances are they will share their bad experiences with their acquaintances, further damaging your reputation.

Employees Leave

Bad customer service will have a negative side effect on your team as well, resulting in not only losing your customers but your best employees as well.

When your company provides bad customer service, your employees will be the first ones to hear about it straight from your customers. And some of these upset customers will not be a pleasure to talk with.

As nobody likes to talk to angry customers, having to deal with constantly complaining customers will definitely take a toll on your employees as well. This will lead to burnout and eventually, your employees will desert the sinking ship.

Now that you really can see the dangerous consequences of bad customer service, will you go the extra mile to always provide exceptional service? We hope you will!

Dóra Rapcsák
Dóra Rapcsák is Content Strategist and Copywriter at VCC Live®. As a Content Marketer and CX enthusiast, her aim is to discover and tell you about tomorrow’s ideas on Digital Marketing and Customer Experience.
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