Voicemail detection for
maximizing your agents’
active talk time

Ensure your agents only handle live calls by
diminishing their encounters with voicemails.

Avoid the 60% of calls that go to voicemail

Our voicemail detection feature swiftly identifies and skips over voicemails
– allowing your agents to always maintain their focus on active calls.


How voicemail detection works

In an outbound call, VCC Live’s system swiftly analyzes up to 20 different elements to distinguish whether the call has been answered by a voicemail. These assessment factors include recognizing length of silence, beeps, background noise, and typical voicemail greetings.

On identifying the voicemail, the system will automatically progress the agent to the next call and the voicemail will be dealt with by a pre-defined process.


“We achieved great results with voicemail detection, reducing encountered voicemails by 30%.
This meant more time for agents to handle “real” calls and overall higher efficiency for the whole team.
With VCC Live, we’re now able to detect two-thirds of calls answered by a voicemail system.”

Debt Collection Manager, 4Finance