Release center May 2023

May 2023

Deactivate records from dialing

Previously, there was no possibility to inactivate a certain set of records from the dialer and stop dialing them without modifying their disposition. We have added a capability that makes it possible to inactivate and later activate any set of records in a project.

In the Records list section of the Project, when you filter for a set of records, you can now select an ‘Action’ called ‘Inactivate’, which will inactivate the records from dialing. Later on, you can select ‘Activate’ among the Actions to activate the records again for dialing. With this, the disposition of the record won’t be changed, but the records simply won’t be dialed by the dialer. Please note that:

  • Only callable records can be inactivated that are currently not in a call 
  • During import, duplication checks are not performed for inactivated records
  • When performing ‘As new’ from the Records list, inactivated records are not modified

Read more about it here

Filtering for System user in User-based statistics

Users are now able to filter for calls in user-based statistics that belong to the ‘System’ user. By default, this option is turned on. It can be turned off in a similar way as a ‘Dialer’ user. Dispositions covered by the System user are Quote, Dropped, OIVR, PCI or automatic dispositions from email and SMS.

Filtering database view on Import file name

The Database page in Project has been redesigned with a new outlay and the capability has been added to filter the displayed data to only selected import files. This helps the users to see the performance of the database on an import file level as well.

Other updates:

  • In case your account is restricted, you will be able to log in to VCC Live and check the Finance menu if you have access to it
  • In the Agent’s User-based statistics dispositions done by the System won’t appear anymore
  • An issue has been fixed where the Archiver hasn’t marked certain voicefiles as archived
  • A problem has been fixed when user state log didn’t show certain user states like logouts and when it showed ‘network’ state during logout
  • Previous WhatsApp integration has been made deprecated
  • ‘View custom columns in statistics’ user right is now connected to the visibility of custom KPIs in User-based statistics as well
  • SMS statuses in SMS log have been renamed to reflect actual status
  • Error message has been fixed when editing agent rights without ‘Manage agent rights’ right
  • Error has been fixed when callerId selection is enabled for agent in custom calls and callerId differed from what was displayed
  • Error has been fixed when an Outbound IVR with an answering machine process could incorrectly create new records
  • There are new guides available about:
    • How to set up an integration with a messaging platform and VCC Live here
    • How to customize waiting time announcements in a queue to any language of your choice here
  • How to measure the performance of your inbound operations here