Release center January 2023

January 2023

Changing display for agents losing connection

The system previously displayed users who lost internet connection as going on a “technical” break. We have changed this so that users have an easier way of identifying when agents are unavailable because of being disconnected from the network. 

We have created a new status “network”, which will appear in logs (learn more about them here) when agents are temporarily disconnected (please note: agents are unable to select this state on their own). This status behaves as a break in that agents won’t be allocated with inbound or outbound calls or any other type of interaction in this state. Users can define for how long the system attempts to reconnect the agent (10-120 seconds). After this limit is reached, the agents are logged out.

Microsoft Azure text-to-speech now in Hungarian language

We have added a new capability with which you can now select Microsoft Azure’s AI capabilities when adding a read-back/text-to-speech in an IVR. The feature is now available in Hungarian and can be added with female or male voices.

Learn more about Text-to-speech here.

Agent interface in Swedish language

We have added the option to select the Agent interface in Swedish language as well, which is now available for all agent users.

Transfer a call to a queue in VCC Live for Salesforce

Previously, agents were unable to transfer a call unless they knew exactly who they wanted to transfer the call to. 

We have changed VCC Live for Salesforce so that agents can now transfer calls to any queue of a project that they’re logged into. The call is then transferred, irrespective of whether there are agents available in the selected queue or not.

Learn more about VCC Live for Salesforce here.