Release center February 2023

February 2023

VCC Live’s chat apps integration expanded

We’re delighted to announce the expansion to VCC Live’s chat apps integration, allowing customers to now sync a wide range of chat apps with our contact center software.

This goes beyond our previous integrations with WhatsApp and Messenger to offer customers new levels of connectivity. This includes integrating our software with the likes of WhatsApp Business, Viber, Telegram, Instagram, WeChat, and many more.

Customers can handle all inbound messages from chat apps in VCC Live. Agents can hold real-time conversations with customers, while also using capabilities such as chat queues, automatic replies, and live performance monitoring.

Discover more about our chat apps integration here:

User-based statistics: Summary row export

From now on, summary rows are also exported once you export data from the user-based statistics to the clipboard. Read more about it here.

Possibility to modify an agent disposition

In certain cases, a quality manager or a supervisor might find that an agent set a disposition incorrectly to a record, which can also result in incorrect business KPIs.

We have added a capability in which a user is now able to modify a previous disposition event on the supervisory interface. The user can do this by opening a record from the Records list and editing a previous event. When the disposition is changed, the statistics will show the corrected results and a webhook is sent again for the corrected data.

Learn more about dispositions here.

Enable notifications in chat queue for all messages

Previously, in a chat queue, agents only received a desktop notification once the customer sent the initial message. However, they were not notified when the customer replied which can lead to increased wait times for customers. We have added an option so that agents can receive a notification every time the customer writes a message.
Learn more about chat integration here.