Get a full overview of your projects with call center reporting

Gather and visualize data from activities across all channels to ensure objective decision making and quality management.

Oversee your operations with VCC Live’s call center reporting and monitoring tools

Quickly access data regarding your projects, resources and user activities.

  • Real-time updates

    Display progress on live dashboards to get an instant picture of your operations and adjust to unexpected changes before they escalate.

  • Shareable insights

    Pick a specific project and time range to access valuable data about interactions. Create reports and share them with external users through a web-based link.

  • Agent performance

    Track individual agent performance to identify top performers and people who require further training. Assist new hires by joining their conversations with customers.

  • Better decisions

    Make informed decisions about resource allocation, process improvement and customer engagement tactics by relying on historical data.

  • Tailored dashboard

    Create a contact center dashboard displaying unique KPIs based on your own or default formulas with a color coding system.

  • Live and recorded calls

    Listen in on live calls or review recorded conversations to ensure that agents follow company policies.

Discover three types of reporting and monitoring tools

  • Logs: records of phone calls, email and text exchanges, and user status and activities. Logs contain information such as duration, timestamp, content and outcome of the communication or what tasks users (e.g. agents) carry out or how much time they spend on a break.
  • Monitoring: real-time insights into daily operations, such as progress tracking, quality and quantity of calls, current changes (for example, in a survey project). Admins can listen to ongoing conversations, transfer agents or change their status, or assist agents who are on the phone, either with or without the customer hearing them.
  • Statistics: quantitative data about database changes, dispositions and calls over a set period of time.

Access global and project-specific reports

Measure the most meaningful numbers in your entire operation, focus on specific projects or teams or a mix of them to get the most of your data.

  • Global measurement tools

    Represent data from all your projects in one place. Access various reports from the system, such as:

    • Quality Management Statistics
    • Disposition Statistics
    • Weekly Inbound Statistics
    • User Activity Log
    • VCC Pay transaction statistics
  • Project-specific measurement tools

    Measure KPIs and other data points that are specific to a project of your choice. A few examples include:

    • CDR log
    • Email log
    • Chat log
    • SMS log
    • User Based Statistics

Utilize a highly customizable contact center dashboard

Track and display KPIs in a way that is meaningful to your team. Choose from a wide range of system metrics or set up your own with a few clicks, and organize your dashboard with an easy drag-and-drop method. Set thresholds for your KPIs and SLAs combined with color coding, so the team can always know whether they’re on the right track just by looking at the dashboard.

To see the full picture of your contact center operations, display data from across all channels in one place. Export data and create reports with just a few clicks, and share them easily with external users, such as stakeholders, decision makers and other departments who don’t necessarily have access to the software.

Access and export data easily


Access CDR (Call Detail Record) logs to see all records in a given project for a specific period. Find out useful information about interactions such as the direction of the call, the contact’s name, call time and duration, ring time, talk time and a lot more. You can also access and download the call recordings from the CDR log.

Create detailed reports by exporting data that is relevant to you and share it with external users through a web-based link.

 VCC Live compared to other solutions

We’re proud to be recognized by clients as one of the best contact center software providers.
Check out the full G2 user rating comparison here.

VCC Live Five9 Genesys NICE
Meets requirements 8.8 8.1 8.4 8.8
Ease of use 9.0 8.2 8.9 8.8
Ease of setup 8.6 7.6 8.3 7.9
Quality of support 9.0 8.0 7.9 8.4
Partnership 9.2 8.5 8.3 8.2
Product direction 8.8 6.9 8.4 8.2

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