Switching to Remote Operations with Cloud-Based Contact Center Software


CreditKasa is among the top five microloan companies in Ukraine, handling financial projects in a wide variety of different markets and market segments. Its core competencies include risk management, personalization of work, and the improvement of the operational efficiency of processes.


Most industries, including the loan market, have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With customers across Europe and Asia, CreditKasa was no exception.

As the company offers the latest fintech technologies in order to make their clients’ processes efficient, CreditKasa needed to react to the situation as fast as possible while ensuring it did not affect the quality of their services.

Solution – Move to the Cloud

In order to be able to continue with their operations, CreditKasa decided to switch to remote operations. With VCC Live’s cloud-based software, the company managed to move to the Cloud in 2 days.

VCC Live helped the company make the most of the opportunities provided by a cloud environment, helping them set up the system without any downtime, and giving them the means to instantly switch to remote work as required.

“VCC Live’s cloud-based infrastructure is brilliant for remote work. As a result of the lockdown and governmental restrictions caused by COVID-19, we changed our business model to remote work and deployed the system in two days, without any downtime.”

Yurii Grachov

- Chief Operating Officer, CreditKasa

CreditKasa also leverages VCC Live’s advanced call functions, allowing them to maximize their telesales and telemarketing efficiency. One advanced feature, highlighted by the company, is voicemail detection that helps detect when a call is answered by a machine.


Using VCC Live, CreditKasa managed to overcome their remote work-enabling challenges. Thanks to our flexible cloud infrastructure, the company was able to instantly switch to remote operations, thus mitigating the unpredictable business environment during the COVID-19 outbreak which was affecting their markets.

“We switched to remote operations and did not experience any issues since then. We managed to continue our operations and our efficiency is just as good as it was when we worked from the office.”

Yurii Grachov

- Chief Operating Officer, Credit Kasa

After starting to use VCC Live’s voice mail detection feature, the efficiency of the company’s telesales team has increased significantly. As Yurii Grachov added: “the voicemail detection feature shows pretty good results in detecting calls that are answered by a machine. We are definitely satisfied with this feature.”