VCC Live Offers Its Contact Center Software for Hungarian Organizations Free of Charge

April 01, 2020

As a result of the coronavirus crisis, organizations handling inbound calls are increasingly closing their offices. Therefore, their customer service staff is unable to perform the essential task of properly informing and supporting the population.

In the event of the epidemic, many non-profit organizations are being threatened. However, more and more companies are offering their help to fight the virus. “One of the most important principles of our company is assistance, so taking action in this difficult situation wasn’t a question for us. Therefore, we are proud to announce the launch of our ‘Love to Help’ initiative, which offers free use of our cloud-based contact center software to any Hungarian organization involved in informing and supporting the public via telephone. ” – said Péter Málhai, Chief Revenue Officer at VCC Live.

Thanks to the technology and the company’s many years of experience, organizations can make use of VCC Live software in a matter of days. Currently, two organizations are in the process of implementing the software: the University of Pécs and the Buda Health Center, with the latter being transformed into an epidemic hospital. 

It is particularly important for both organizations to continue to work smoothly. The Buda Health Center’s call center team helps inform the families of the infected, so it is essential for them to be able to switch to remote work as soon as possible and to stay informed and safe from home. Volunteer graduate students at the University of Pécs will provide healthcare consulting services to citizens 60 years or over.

“We are particularly proud to be able to help, among other things, the work of the University of Pécs, whose research team has achieved enormous results. We are international service providers. However, we are confronted daily with the difficulties caused by the state of emergency within the country and many of our clients work in the health, tourism, media, and other severely affected sectors. We believe it is important for us to be able to help as many Hungarian organizations as possible in this difficult situation.” – added Peter Málhai.

If your organization would like to use VCC Live software, contact the company at [email protected].

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