VCC Live launches new AI-powered tools for call centers

November 16, 2023

BUDAPEST, Hungary – November 16, 2023 – VCC Live, one of the top-rated call center solution providers*, has expanded its offer with a set of AI-focused features that open new opportunities for call centers worldwide.

CCaaS providers have long been pioneers in innovative developments that can be swiftly implemented for even the largest and most complex call center setups. Taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by the cloud, VCC Live has built AI-focused functionalities that can improve productivity and boost CX, while maintaining the flexibility to fit teams of all sizes.

  • AI voicebot – call centers using VCC Live can now use multilingual, two-way conversation for handling basic queries, self-service, and call routing – all without the need for any “real” agent involvement. 
  • Text-to-speech (TTS) and Speech-to-text (STT) – functionalities that can benefit call centers in multiple ways, including using automated readback and voice commands in IVR, or automatically transcribing customer calls.
  • Voice biometrics – an intricate algorithm to swiftly verify callers’ identities based on their stored voice samples. This can significantly reduce the need for agents to conduct manual checks and boost CX with a security process that takes just a few seconds.
  • Language detection – VCC Live quickly analyzes and detects an inbound email’s language to help speed up routing queries to the correct process and enable more accurate handling.

New additions to VCC Live’s offering are available to all existing and new clients as extra add-ons in Advanced, Multichannel and Enterprise packages. Functionalities can be implemented on demand with a high level of flexibility and with professional guidance from VCC Live’s tech experts.

“These exciting new developments move VCC Live to the top league of providers and boost attraction to the most forward-thinking teams out there”, said Ferenc Hajmási, Product Director at VCC Live. “While AI is not yet a real must for call centers, it’s quite apparent that those players who are faster to implement new automations will get a significant boost in productivity compared to their competitors.”

*VCC Live has been recently recognized as the leading CCaaS provider in EMEA by G2, one of the most renowned software comparison sites. This has been proven by 24 new badges awarded in the Fall 2023 G2 Reports in many categories, including “High Performer – EMEA”, “Users Most Likely To Recommend”, “Highest User Adoption”, and “Easiest Setup”.

About VCC Live

VCC Live is a cloud-based contact center solution for managing the full scope of inbound and outbound communications. A partner to over 400 global clients – including Vodafone, Decathlon and DHL – its omnichannel, feature-filled platform is renowned for quick setup, ease of use, and high level of support.

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