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September 13, 2016
#VCC News
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VCC Live – continuation of a success story

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This autumn, two important changes have occurred at our company: the name of our company group has been changed to VCC Live, and we have occupied our “A” category office in Budapest. An exciting new image has been added to our brand name in order to express the new direction we follow in business.

Szabolcs Tóth and Tamás Jalsovszky, the founders of Virtual Call Center have always been pioneers as regards telecommunication and call centre trends, and made their decisions accordingly. At the time when Hungarian companies still applied installed systems, they already believed in the cloud-based service and the related business model. The business concept and courage of Virtual Call Center proved to be successful during the economic crisis: our clients chose our cost effective, sustainable system that was easy to update.

However, due to changes in technology, the market of cloud-based services and the call centre market are constantly changing. After a while, we believed that the name Virtual Call Center failed to express what our business partners feel at the beginning of our cooperation: our company provides a modern complex solution, supporting an increasing number of their business activities. Nowadays, fulfilling the requirements of corporate contact centres, in addition to our voice-based services, we offer channels suitable for individual and group e-mailing as well as for chatting.

Today, keeping in touch with clients is not just one of our many corporate tasks, but it fundamentally determines and rapidly influences our brand image. Customer service is the communication channel pushed forward by our company. The more efficient and proactive the service of clients, sale or complaint handling are, the more significant a company’s competitive advantage becomes. The best way to support corporate processes is through connected contact centre channels providing up-to-date data.

In view of the above, we have decided to renew the brand with which we work day by day and in which we see serious potential for development in the following years. VCC is the name most of our business partners used to call our company by, therefore we have tried to connect our present to our past.

Live refers to a point that is common is all of our services: the power of live real-time communication. We believe that the idea of people-centred communication will survive all changes in technology.

In the first half of the year we prepared another important milestone in our company’s life: our moving to Krisztina Palace, an office building in Buda. In the “A”-category building, which meets the highest standards for safety and convenience, we envisaged a spacious and inspiring office for VCC’s team for the long term. A place where life continues around the armchairs after the working hours and where our business partners are glad to return.