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June 13, 2017
June 13, 2017
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In a global world, it is important to provide a universal level of service to all your customers, wherever they are. This is how we help our clients from Kenya to Germany, and from USA to Australia.


At VCC Live, we have been dedicating our energy to developing innovative call centre solutions since 1999. Our services became exclusively cloud-based in 2008 when we released our first cloud-based call centre service – Virtual Call Center – and this landmark product subsequently gave our company its new name. We also invested a lot of effort into creating supporting telecommunications networks so that our innovative solution could work at its best. The success and reliability of our product and network has become increasingly recognised by the call centre industry, both in our home country of Hungary and abroad. Thanks to this new interest in our product from abroad, an exciting new chapter for our company has begun, as we begin spreading the VCC Live word around the world…


Discovering new territories in which business can be done is always an exciting revelation for any company. VCC Live’s journey began in 2011, when we opened an office in Erding, Germany; three years later we expanded north, opening offices in Warsaw, Poland. With a presence in three European countries, other international customers soon began to hear about and discover the benefits of our software and services. We began being contacted by companies from all over the world, expanding our network of distributors and retailers to other countries, and meeting the expectations of large clients, including one of our largest, a European bank and financial institution operating internationally.

The bank, which has offices in 23 countries around the world, wanted to standardise their operations across the organisation and use a single system which would work seamlessly in all of their branches across the world. What better way to achieve their aims than with a cloud-based contact centre software solution with a proven track record of success? VCC Live provided the support to help the bank both transform their debt-collecting processes and generate new opportunities through services such as mass SMS, outgoing IVR, and email. We then helped them standardise these processes globally across their organisation, so that they are now used within all 23 countries that the bank operates in.

The numbers

Over the years, we have become an integral part of many organisations operations in many countries around the world. The numbers speak for themselves: our three branches and five data centres provide reliable services for more than 6000 users, in more than 32 countries. Furthermore, we provide telecom coverage in more than 150 countries, allowing our clients to enjoy uninterrupted work through stable telecommunication services. And with our new offices opening in the United States this number will shortly grow.

In every company’s journey there are events that mark important milestones in its history. For some organisations such milestones are the release of important new products. For others, it’s conquering new markets. For us, it’s a combination of both. VCC Live is proud to say that it can bring the latest cloud-based contact centre technology to your door, wherever you are.

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