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February 16, 2017
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VCC Live 5.0 – A brand new, ergonomic interface

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As a first step to a full transformation, our new client interface is now available. The renewal of the operator and administrator interface is a part of our development plan to improve user experience.

We have been working for a long time to make the VCC Live client interface fit the contemporary trends as well as to embellish its technological development. We had to consider a lot of aspects: in order to make the interface up-to-date but also well usable, it was necessary to examine thoroughly the everyday workflows of operators and supervisors as well.

Updating the layout of a software is a serious professional issue, including many steps; remarks might be necessary from an independent ’outsider’. This is why we didn’t start this task alone: our cooperation with the team of UX Studio started after a conference concerning UX design. Research and design tasks related to user experience make up an independent design field and we intend to build its achievements and best practices into our client interface. As our users spend most of their work time on our interface, ergonomics will always be our guiding principle.

VCC Live 5.0 – A brand new, ergonomic interface | VCC Live Blog

Reconstructing the VCC Live client, we have chosen the “flat“ design: we wanted to give a cleaner, airy, unified appearance to each interface. Although the transformation is very spectacular, existing functions have not, or only minimally changed, so our users can access their settings in the usual way.

It is important to mention that the new 5.0 client version is the first step in our developments concerning UX; we plan to announce several related tasks this year.