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July 20, 2016
#VCC News
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VCC data can now be transferred in real time

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We recently introduced our new Zapier application, making it possible for VCC to be connected with more than 500 other applications. Since then we have received many questions about how Zapier works, and what its advantages are. For those thinking about the benefits of connecting different company systems, we can now show you that setting up and getting started with our Zapier application is simple and easy!

VCC’s Zapier application, bringing together the popular Zapier interface and VCC, became available in April this year.

Those who work with multiple corporate and customer data systems and applications at the same time know how difficult it is to keep data up-to-date and easily accessible at all times in each system. Each system has its own language and setup, so forwarding data automatically between them is a real challenge for software designers, requiring a lot of work and effort.

Why is it so difficult and time-consuming? Because for different systems to successfully communicate between each other, you firstly need to find a ’common language’ between them. Zapier, as an independent application, aims to simplify this process by connecting different applications via a user-friendly and easily manageable interface. Taking VCC’s system as a starting point (as other software packages used by our clients differ considerably, depending on the client), our software designers did a lot of preparation work with Zapier, turning it into a suitable way to transfer data between VCC and other office and customer service programmes.

However we specified some events, such as creating new records and new users, modifying existing data, and saving operator’s call termination times, that occur at every company using VCC on a day-to-day basis.

In order to make VCC capable of communicating with other systems, we designed a translating app which determines the logic of all connections. Because of this app our partners don’t need professional coding or API database knowledge to customize Zapier, they just need to choose the appropriate interfaces for the particular software they use, in order to let information flow freely between the different programmes.

You can also determine what data triggered by given ’events’ is sent between VCC’s database with other connected applications. If, for example, you have a person who is interested in your company’s newsletters and registers on Mailchimp, you can choose their data to be automatically transferred to VCC and become instantly accessible. Or if a partner’s status changes, you can create a new record if required. These and many other connections can be created between VCC and 500 other programmes – the possibilities are endless. The number of applications that can be accessed by Zapier, including CRM systems, blogmotors and community media surfaces, is continuously growing, so it’s worth looking through all available options after registering for Zapier.