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May 05, 2016
#VCC News
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VCC can now be connected to more than 500 applications

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One of the advantages of cloud-based solutions is that they can be easily connected to other systems. Our latest development makes it possible to integrate VCC with more than 500 other applications, helping you to organise your work and manage your partner relationships.

No matter what kind of company you are, cloud-based technologies are getting more and more popular, helping to make information sharing, out-of-office accessibility and real-time project editing and document storage easier. In particular, those working in companies’ contact centres and customer services departments now use Google products, such as the increasingly-popular CRM and project management software, for specific tasks when needed. VCC has always been committed to cloud-based solutions and our goal, along with developing cutting edge technologies, has been to make it possible to flexibly connect VCC with other, already-established business data processing systems.

Our new Zapier application, based on transferring data packages via API, now makes it possible to connect VCC to more than 500 different cloud-based products and services, and to log every single step in any process – including recording a successful payment or adding new client information. Zapier already has a number of data connections built in, and there is also the possibility to add future connection options as they become available, making the application as user-friendly and future-proof as possible.

The application is based on the ’trigger-action’ principle – an event in the connected application acts as a trigger to send data to the Zapier system, and this trigger results in a predetermined reaction, and a resultant action. In practice this means, for example, that new customer data inputted into CRM software is also made available in VCC’s system, and after a call is completed, information can be sent back to sales management software.

The number of business software systems that can be connected to VCC is ever expanding. At the moment Zapier can register the addition and modification of data in VCC, and add or modify records accordingly. Connections don’t need to be supervised by a computer programming expert, as they work automatically and can be customised for an even more user-friendly experience.

Our application is available here. To access the full interface, you must register an account for Zapier first.