A quarter of new releases and features

October 10, 2017
October 10, 2017
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At VCC Live, we are dedicated to offering innovative products to our clients. Developing state-of-the-art cloud-based contact centre solutions that meet our clients’ needs and expectations is at the heart of everything we do. This is why we continuously work on bringing our clients new releases and features.

As we are sure you will already know, our solution is the product of our own in-house team of expert developers. With extensive experience in the call and contact centre industry, they regularly develop new releases and features to help make our software even more valuable to our clients. New features are constantly being released, and announcements about these new releases are always shared on our software platform. But just in case you have ever wondered how much work we actually invest in the continuous development of our product, an overview of our Q3 2017 new releases should give you a good idea.

Q3 2017 was as busy a quarter as ever, with 264 new releases bringing you and your agents even greater convenience and a perfect quality of service. As well as enhancing already-existing functions, we also introduced a number of new innovations. These included creating timestamps in the Robinson list, indicating incoming emails, and introducing a captcha option when deleting timesheets. And don’t forget we are finalising our very own Chat feature! Some of our major new releases during this quarter included the following:

VCC Live detailed features - new releases

Even though we are proud of the number of new releases which took place in Q3 2017, we never forget about the importance of quality. Developing technology that really works has always been a priority for us. For us, every new release that makes our clients’ work more efficient means a job well done. After a quarter filled with important releases, we are ready for further advancements in Q4. Don’t forget to follow the news we regularly share on our software platform!

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