Moving to the Cloud With VCC Live – a Case Study

February 27, 2019

“We just recently started to use the system but we can already clearly see that our productivity has increased significantly.” – Krisztián Kardulecz, IMS Lead, DHL.

In an age of ever-increasing customer expectation, the race to own customer experience is officially on. And, with a presence in more than 200 countries, DHL, the largest logistics company in the world, definitely needs to keep ahead of the game.

These days, they say data is the new oil, and not without good reason. Data can be your best resource when trying to provide exceptional customer experience – but only if you rely on the latest technology solutions that allow you to leverage your data.

The Case

In order to ensure a consistent level of customer service in their contact centers across the globe, DHL always looks to utilize the latest technology solutions. That’s why they decided to choose VCC Live’s cloud-based solution. 

Our latest case study describes how, since moving to the cloud with VCC Live®, DHL increased their agent productivity and reduced their maintenance costs. Check out our case study to find out:

  • how we helped DHL make the move from using on-premise software to the cloud
  • how VCC Live’s real-time reporting tools enable DHL to monitor agent performance in real time
  • how we allowed them to easily upscale their business and utilize home-based agents

Introducing VCC Live’s cloud-based solution has truly unlocked DHL’s potential, allowing them to see the whole picture by being able to monitor agent performance in real time.

Read our case study and learn more about the benefits of VCC Live’s cloud-based solution!

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