Shopping Cart Abandonment – Mobile Marketing Recovery

June 04, 2020

Based on a recent study upwards of 79% of shopping cart purchases are abandoned, this can vary greatly by sector. These lost transactions provide an opportunity to be converted to sales by deploying a better more sophisticated strategy.

This varies greatly by sector:

Customer Segmentation – Based on the value of the purchase or previous transactions a workflow process should be decided. Should we run a push campaign starting with SMS, MMS, E-mail. Based on receiving a keyword response we need to define our next action, if any.
Keywords – Your customer may be guided by multiple keywords, this gives them quick and affordable information that moves them towards a purchase, such as:

  • Returns
  • DiscountCode
  • Video

SMS Push campaigns: When reaching out to a potential customer it’s best to insert a shorty link right back to their shopping basket. Evaluating reports as a KPI:

  • Click – Through Rate (CTR)ű
  • Conversion Rate
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Unique visitors

Multi-channel – Obviously we know when e-mails or SMS are delivered, now should be initiate with another channel based on this information ?
What time of day or interval will achieve better results. The campaign analytics are criticall to increase your success.

Toll Free sender: Some customers would call a toll free number and speak with agents or simply select info options in the IVR. We need to be careful not to invest too much for a low ticket item purchase. Perhaps only to receive calls from VIP customers.

Customer Interaction Channels: Having live agents to support multichannels using a unified interface.

  • SMS
  • Toll free call
  • Webchat
  • Facebook

CRM Integration – The entire process should be fully integrated with your CRM so as not to require manual management.

The right strategy and using quality direct SMS / MMS routes, will greatly increase your recovery of abandoned shopping carts and convert them to sales.

Richard Blewis
Mobile Marketing Expert – VCC Live
[email protected]

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