MFO Eurocredit sets up VCC Live to establish a remote workforce

June 24, 2020

VCC Live is proud to announce that another financial organization has decided to use its software in their daily operations.

MFO Eurocredit is a Georgian Micro Financial Company, providing ultra-fast auto loan services. Clients can get access to loans only in 30 minutes, without a credit history check or proof of income. In the Georgian market since 2011, MFO Eurocredit is a fast expanding company hoping to continue serving competitive credit products, tailored to the needs of its borrowers.

The worldwide trend of mobility restrictions across the globe also affected MFO Eurocredit. As most businesses during this era, MFO Eurocredit realized that their contact center infrastructure was not able to help maintain their operations. The system they were using was not equipped to handle a now essential remote workforce.

Due to the urgency of keeping its operations afloat in times of mobility restrictions and uncertainty, the implementation of VCC software had to be done in an extremely urgent manner. MFO Eurocredit’s VCC Live powered software was up and running in a few days.

With the help of VCC Live software, MFO Eurocredit was able to establish a reliable remote contact center, ready to deal with both unexpected mobility restrictions and also forming solid ground for a long term, functional remote workforce.

Mainly dealing with outbound sales and debt collection, VCC Live is able to help MFO Eurocredit effectively handle their incoming calls and also successfully reach out to their applicants while keeping their abandoned call rate low. Additionally, VCC Live’s Outbound IVR feature helps double down on effectiveness when it comes to fine-tuning their outbound calls and debt collection.

VCC Live hopes to continue its cooperation with MFO Eurocredit and become a partner to their continuously growing remote agent workforce.

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