How to Master Your Call Center Wallboard

Dóra Rapcsák
November 22, 2018
November 22, 2018
5 min read

An engaging call center wallboard can work wonders for your business, engaging your agents and improving productivity, but only if it’s used properly.

Even today, though, many call centers feel they are taking a shot in the dark when they decide on what information should be displayed on their wallboard.

In this article, we’ll give you some pro tips to get the most out of your call center wallboards, as well as showing how they can help improving your call center’s efficiency. Have a look!

Less is more

A call center wallboard is only effective and efficient if it conveys a simple and clear message that can be quickly grasped. If you don’t communicate the right information in a simple way, then it will only distract your agents, rather than engage them.  

So, when it comes to designing your call center wallboard, always bear in mind that sometimes less is more. Yes, we know it’s a cliché, but it’s definitely true here, especially if currently your wallboard is loaded with a bunch of information.

As such, make sure to avoid displaying too much information on your wallboard – keep it simple, clear and easy to understand, so that your agents can actually make use of the information displayed, instead of wasting their time on it.

In particular, wallboards are definitely not for long text messages. Instead, try and concentrate on displaying the most important figures and short encouraging text messages that help increase agent productivity.

Last but not least, one obvious but often overlooked consideration is that if the data shown on a board is not physically visible to everyone, then what’s the point? One important rule for wallboards is that they need to be easy to see – even for agents sitting at the other end of the room.

Engage your agent team

As we all know, call centers are about hitting numbers. In such a fast-paced and competitive environment, agents often find themselves experiencing high levels of stress. And the fact that call center wallboards are normally used to display agent performance doesn’t help things.

While publicly displaying information on agent performance may encourage agents to stay motivated and challenge each other, it can also backfire. When things aren’t going well, chances are the very same data will increase stress levels. Therefore, when displaying agent performance figures, always try and encourage your agents with positive messages such as “keep up the good work”, even during bad times.  

Furthermore, call center agents often feel that they are nothing more than just another cog in the call center wheel. As such, if you want to truly engage with them, make sure to acknowledge and reward them, especially those agents who constantly contribute to the successful operation of your call center.

Luckily, you can use your call center wallboard to help express your appreciation towards them. For example, it may be a good idea to find a spot and display the “agent of the week/month” on your board. You can be sure that it will help you engage your agents as well as motivate them to hit their target numbers.

Add some personal touches to your call center wallboard

Call center wallboards are normally used to display real-time statistics, and KPIs such as service levels and call queues. Sounds a bit boring, doesn’t it? But who said you can’t add some personal touches to your wallboard?

In fact, your call center wallboard can become an excellent tool to communicate with your staff. You may not think so, but by adding some personalization to your wallboard, it can help create an engaging company culture and boost team spirit.

For instance, by displaying birthdays on your wallboard, you can make your agents feel they are valued by the company. In addition, displaying internal communications messages and details of social events, such as team building activities, on the board will definitely improve the team’s morale.

The possibilities are infinite, just make sure you also leave enough space for business-related information!  

In our connected world, with so much data available, it would be a shame to miss out on leveraging your call center wallboard. Make sure you follow our tips and you too will be able to design an inspiring board for your team!

Dóra Rapcsák
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