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Effective telesales: a case study

VCC Live - Effective telesales - 4Life Direct case study

Telesales is a dynamic field of business. But can companies combine dynamism with productivity to create more effective telesales activities? Here is how one of our clients did it.


The case

Creating effective telesales processes and increasing the number of new customers is hard. Why? Because telemarketing companies often use inefficient ways of dialing, resulting in contact with customers being slow. This, in turn, leads to unnecessary delays and timewasting – which eventually leads to lost deals. As a company dealing with telesales activities, 4Life Direct was looking for a solution to overcome these challenges.

4Life Direct is an international insurance company offering innovative products to customers in countries across Europe. Handling outbound calls accounts for a large proportion of their sales activities, they were looking for an effective telesales solution to boost their productivity. Furthermore, they were looking for an improved way of blending outbound activities with inbound calls coming from customers visiting their webpage. With many customers requesting a callback on the company’s webpage, it was important to get back to them as soon as possible. 4Life Direct also needed a solution that could assess the quality of their agents’ work more effectively. They were not just looking for a professional tech solution that would simply increase their number of handled calls. They wanted a really great solution that could provide an insight into the quality of their communications. 4Life Direct wanted to learn more about the key to effective telesales activities.

In order to respond to these challenges and introduce effective telesales processes, 4Life Direct turned to VCC Live.


Towards effective telesales

Simply stating the benefits of a solution is one thing. But supporting it with real data makes all the difference. We are delighted to share our latest case study describing 4Life Direct’s journey to more effective telesales activities. In this case study you will learn:

  • what services and features 4Life Direct used to achieve effective telesales activities
  • how they increased their agents’ talk time, and
  • how big the increase in sales has been since the utilization of VCC Live’s solution

Visit our Case Study Library now, and find out more about the many ways VCC Live helps transform our clients’ businesses. In particular, take a close look at the results these businesses have enjoyed since implementing our solution. Discover why more and more companies are turning to us to help with their telesales needs.

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