The Business Advantages of Remote Call Centers

July 03, 2020

Remote call centers are increasingly becoming a norm, partly due to the times of uncertainty caused by COVID-19 and also as businesses are more and more recognizing its benefits for the business.

Let’s take a closer look at the business advantages of a remote call center!

Cost reduction

Perhaps one of the most important business advantages of remote call centers is that they are cost-effective.

Renting an office space and purchasing all the necessary office and IT facilities are extremely expensive. By utilizing remote call centers, however, you can significantly reduce costs related to office space and IT infrastructure. Also, additional costs, such as transport, employee catering, and utility costs can be avoided.

Furthermore, in every call center, there are peak times when customer calls suddenly skyrocket. During these peak periods, a remote call center can easily scale up by adding part-time remote agents. And as part-time home-based agents receive reduced benefit packages and vacation time, again, additional cost savings can be made.

Last but not least, did you also realize that agents too can make savings by working from home? As gas prices and the cost of public transportation rise, traveling to and from work is getting more and more expensive. A remote call center allows agents to save on these expenses.

Employee Retention

As the numbers suggest, running a remote call center will also help you retain your workforce.

According to a survey conducted in 2019, remote workforce is getting more and more popular with 66% of companies allowing remote work and 16% being fully remote.

The survey also explains that 85% of remote workers say it was their own decision to work remotely, mainly in order to be able to make their own hours and live a more carefree life. 

Considering that these days flexibility is high on the list of employees’ priority, these results are not surprising at all. Most of employees are already used to completing tasks virtually from anywhere, so you can be sure that they will appreciate if you offer them the opportunity to work from home.

Remote work also allows agents to save some time as they don’t need to commute. It’s no surprise then that only 20% of those who work from the comfort of their own home would rather go back to working in a company office.

Attracting Talent

Employees these days are more focused on individuality, and like their career to reflect this. In fact, the new generations, especially Gen Z, increasingly reject traditional working hierarchies and expect to be offered the possibility of remote work.

In fact, remote work is now often one of the top priorities for job seekers when choosing a job. According to 2019 Zapier Remote Work Report, 57% of candidates say remote work is one of their most preferred perks to be offered by an employer. Furthermore, 68% of Millennials said remote work would greatly increase their interest in specific jobs, making remote work a great perk for companies to attract talent.

Attracted by relatively high salaries and flexible working hours, many of the younger generations will start their careers in a call center, so it’s definitely worth thinking about switching to a remote call center.

Are remote call centers the future?

What will the future bring to the home-based workforce model? The numbers suggest remote work is actually the future of work.

Two-thirds of knowledge workers think the office will disappear by 2030. 71% of Millennials think the traditional office will be replaced with most positions done remotely (source: Zapier).

According to workers, the end of the office is near. And while we certainly do not know what the future will bring, one thing is sure: most employees prefer to be offered the possibility of working remotely.

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