How technology enhances customer service

New technologies not only contribute to our daily lives and make everyday activities easier, they’re completely changing the way we live and work. Like it or not, it’s now a fact: technology has become an integral part of our daily routines.


How to teach customer service empathy to your agent team

We’ve all been there – waiting on a customer service line after having been passed around several people, still desperately needing your problem to be sorted out. In such a situation, the least you expect is some empathy when you finally get through to someone who can help…


How to calculate (and reduce) your cost per call

Let’s be honest: in the business world, money talks. And, as we also all know, running a call center is costly. Very costly, in fact. Considering the amount of expenses that are inevitably required to run a call center, one of the most important responsibilities call center managers have is to figure out how they can reduce costs in a way that doesn’t affect customer experience.


A day in the life of a call center manager

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a call center manager is like? What are the challenges they need to overcome on a daily basis? In reality, call center managers really do have a lot to deal with: when it comes down to it, they hold responsibility for the overall performance and budget of the organization, and ultimately create the foundation for a call center’s success.


Your ideal contact center solution!

Every business is unique and has different needs in order to work seamlessly. With a variety of expert contact center on-premises and cloud-based solutions available on the market, it is often difficult to choose the right one for your organization. Here is a short test we hope will help you make your decision in selecting the contact center solution that best meets your needs.


From call-based to multichannel – a history of contact centers

The term ’call center’ is still how people often refer to customer care and contact centers. Sometimes one even hears the amusing and contradictory expression “to write an email to the call center”. However, it is worth remembering that our industry did all really start with call centers.


Data analytics: why it’s crucial for your call center

We live in a world where over half of the population is connected to the internet, and 9 out of 10 users access their chosen platforms via mobile devices. The amount of data shared every day – up to 2.5 million terabytes – is astonishing.

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