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VCC Live® Pay

Pay securely with your credit or debit card while on the phone without any additional app.

Using VCC Live® Pay, clients and customers can make payments when speaking to an agent on the phone.

The details required for the payment are transferred directly to the financial partner, and after a successful transaction a service can be activated, or a product despatched.

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Payment Process

Customer motivation and conversion

Why is VCC Live® Pay unbeatable?

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Using VCC Live® Pay, payments for services and products can be made on average within five minutes of initially contacting a client or customer, resulting in a conversion rate potentially nine times higher than the average sales conversion success rate within the following hour after a phone call ends.

In real time, it is much easier to assess clients’ needs, answer their queries, and handle their issues. What is more, the clients’ motivation to complete a purchase is highest during and immediately after a conversation.

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Who is VCC Live® Pay for?

Service and product sales

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VCC Live® Pay makes service and product sales more convenient for clients and customers, and faster for organizations. Any purchased or paid services can be activated instantly or despatched promptly as the result of a conversation with an agent. Companies can also settle outstanding monthly payments the .

Incoming sales

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Incoming call center contacts are often generated through advertising, and by using VCC Live® Pay even higher rates’ of conversion can be achieved.

Service extensions and upselling

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With VCC Live® Pay, upselling is no longer a challenge, as contract extensions and subscriptions can be easily arranged within one call.

Help desk sales

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VCC Live® Pay enables help desks to sell higher-priced products and services.

Service reactivation and top-up

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Suspended services can be instantly reactivated during a phone call. For Prepaid payments, accounts can be topped up with the appropriate amount.

Debt collection

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Average debt recovery times can be reduced, and due to this higher conversion rate, the amount of outstanding debt and the average costs of debt collection decrease.

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The highest possible data security

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Our IT infrastructure meets the requirements set by PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), one of the strictest security codes in the world. This certification, issued by the five largest credit and debit card issuers in the market, is a guarantee that no misuse of card data will occur at any stage of the payment process.

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Which packages can I use VCC Live® Pay with?

VCC Live® Pay is available to anyone with a PREMIUM package subscription (which fulfils PCI DSS requirements).

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