Release center September 2022

September 2022

“Unavailable” state after reaching hard limit for break codes

Currently, if users reach the hard limit for a certain break code, nothing happens in the system. This can be frustrating for customers who would like to limit the amount of time that agents can spend on breaks.

To overcome this, a new feature has been added. Now, supervisors are able to select whether the agent shall be moved to an “unavailable” state after reaching the break hard limit or not. If selected, the agent will automatically be moved to an “unavailable” state once the agent reaches the hard limit of the break and will be notified about this in a popup.

User-based statistics – opening all rows

The user-based statistics has been enhanced so that users are able to get an overall view of the performance of their operation in a much quicker way. There is a new icon button in the header of the “Dimension” column, which opens the next dimension in each row in the table.

Enhanced Phone Book capabilities limit increase

We have enhanced the existing Phone Book capabilities by increasing the number of phone numbers it can support from 800 to 10,000. Agents are also able to search for records or start calls not only in Predictive or Power dialing mode, but also during Manual dialling mode or when on a break.