Release center July 2023

July 2023

Sending attachments on Messenger, WhatsApp and other channels

From now on users are able to send attachments on all messaging channels including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, Instagram Direct, and so on. Agents are now able to add multiple attachments at the same time with a maximum size of 10 MB in a single message.

Flexible prioritization for predictive dialer

We have added a new capability to the system, which helps users call priority records quickly even if a large batch of records were already loaded to a predictive dialer project. When this functionality is enabled and the customer loads a new high-priority record, the dialer will automatically dial this record first.

Other updates:

  • An issue has been fixed, where pictures were not displayed in full size when sent from Facebook Messenger
  • An error has been fixed when the Dashboard API returned a 500 error message in some cases
  • In User-based statistics, dimensions could not be opened after columns were reordered, this is now fixed
  • In User-based statistics, empty values are now displayed with 0 on the interface and in the exports
  • A bug is now fixed which caused click-to-call calls not to be initiated in Power and Predictive dialing mode for agents
  • A bug has been fixed in VCC Live Campaign Manager when a collection could not be created in some cases
  • A bug has been fixed when a not visible unicode character is imported into a database field causing an error on a script