Release center August 2022

August 2022

New Answering Machine Detection (AMD) Parameter

We have improved our AMD feature.

Previously, our AMD solution was unable to detect machine voices effectively in countries where there are no beep sounds in standard voicemails or when it only occurs after 10 seconds. This caused insufficient AMD efficiency for customers in countries such as Germany, Vietnam, and Kazakhstan.

We have added a new functionality, which if selected in the project, sets machine disposition for calls where there is an initial silence  within a set timeframe that can be defined in the field ‘Length of silence at start’. If the option is not selected, calls with silence in the threshold won’t be considered as machines.

The new setting can be found at Project > Channels > Voice > Outbound > AMD (in case of Predictive dialing mode)

Learn more about our AMD feature here::–settings-overview

Phone Book – Import Feature

We have updated the ‘Phone Book’ page in the VCC Live menu. This page contains a list of saved phone numbers that agents can use during custom calls or when call transfer is enabled.

The Phone Book offers a table where users can mark whether the contact is available for Call Transfer and/or for Custom Calling. Users can also mark in which projects agents can use a specific phone number.

Until recently, only adding or removing phone numbers from the Phone Book was possible by clicking on the menu button (three-dot icon). With our recent update, now bulk import is also possible by selecting a CSV file that contains the following columns as headers:  ‘name’, ‘phone’, ‘transfer’, ‘call’, ‘project_ids’ (with ‘phone’, ‘transfer’ and ‘call’ being mandatory).

When agents open up VCC Live, they can use the Phone Book (as a new tab at Custom Calls) to look up contacts and initiate calls as a Custom Call. Agents can also look up contacts in the Phone Book while being redirected.

The Phone Book can store up to 800 records.

The Phone Book feature can be found at VCC Live menu > Contact Center > Phone Book.