Release center April 2023

April 2023

New Campaign Manager features

We have added three new features to the Campaign Manager:

  1. Users can now check the number of active customers in a collection on the Collection List page
  2. Users can now see the progress of a manual import on the interface and how many records have been processed upon import completion.
  3. Users can now download audit logs from the interface regarding when a user has modified automatic import settings. This is helpful to investigate and clarify when settings have been changed

Please see Importing user guide here

Supporting custom sound path in IVR

In an IVR when setting up a Waiting Time Announcement, you are now able to connect a custom Sound Path when selecting ‘Other’. This way you are able to add languages on your own to this feature.

Shared callbacks from secondary projects

Previously, users were unable to see shared callbacks from projects where they were logged in as secondary. Because of this, shared callbacks only appeared for users when they logged in to those projects as primary again.

We have added a new feature “Shared callbacks from secondary project”, which if turned on, displays shared callbacks from secondary projects for the users in the shared callback call list. This means agents are no longer being required to change primary projects to see shared callbacks.

Other updates:

  • From now on, the User activity log contains when inbound and outbound numbers have been changed in a Project, making it much easier to track changes
  • Voice file tags in a call recording are now displayed when the call recording is played from the CDR log or the Event history. It makes it easier for users to move to a certain part of the call recording that has been tagged by the agent
  • User-based statistics has been improved so that column width is automatically set for each column and template
  • In Mass Export, when you filter records for date, you can now select the date when records were created
  • When sound notification is turned on in a project, notifications only applied when a call connects or ends, but now  also applies  to custom calls
  • The CDR APIs now also include the CallFileName attribute, making it easier to retrieve related voice files. Additionally, the CreatedByUserId field is also available in the response
  • Whenever a user on the supervisory interface modifies a previous disposition, then additional notes to this event are now added to the previous notes instead of replacing them 
  • In Global disposition webhook, it is now possible to use a project name and Agent’s Full name
  • In Predictive dialer settings, ‘Min. calls’ cannot be now set to a lower number than 3 
  • Webhook log is now ordered in descending by time