Flexibility and Meaningful Data with VCC Live


MVM Next Energy Trading provides secure natural gas and electricity services to 4.2 million customers nationwide and functions as the open market electricity and natural gas retailer of 55,000 business customers, thus providing more than 45% of the country’s energy consumption. MVM Next’s customer service not only provides energy-related customer service, but also offers a wide range of services to its customers, helping them in the day-to-day administration of their home.


MVM Next’s main customer communication includes e-mail and telephone channels for outgoing calls. As a result of their extensive activities, the company had to consider several aspects when it decided to change its customer communication strategy and decided to invest in new contact center software.

As the company works with large databases on a daily basis, it was important for MVM Next to employ software that could be easily integrated with other systems, along with having access to real-time, easily retrievable data and statistics. In addition, scalability was another aspect for the company, as it needed to be able to shape its communication strategy according to often changing legislative mandates in customer service.

The software previously used by MVM Next was not able to interpret customer data in real-time, nor could it provide real-time statistics on the daily performance of its contact center operators. The lack of these tools placed a heavy administrative burden on the customer service team leaders of MVM Next, as well as a serious time lag in customer communication and in the training of operators.


The use of VCC Live’s cloud-based solution has enabled MVM Next to shape its customer communications according to ever-changing regulatory requirements. This was particularly important for the management of the company’s email channels in the context of the changes brought about by GDPR regulations.

“Due to compliance with GDPR, we have to apply continuous changes in our activities, which changes vary from project to project. The VCC Live team has integrated the necessary changes in as little as 2-3 days.”

Bodor Péter

- Digital Sales Channel Manager, MVM Next

VCC Live’s easily scalable system has also made it possible to quickly shape outbound campaigns for MVM Next’s telephone channels:

“All our late requests were met on time. Any late development plans were immediately resolved with full readiness.”

Krisztián Károly Balogh

- Activity & Campaign Management Team Leader, MVM Next

VCC Live’s script editing features provide easy-to-edit campaigns for MVM Next’s telephone channels. In addition, easy-to-export and easy-to-interpret bulk reports as well as global call statistics have significantly helped MVM Next employees in shaping their customer communication strategy.

“Our agents see all our up-to-date customer data, so we know immediately when and what the last customer request was related to.”

Bodor Péter

- Digital Sales Channel Manager, MVM Next

Through live dashboards, employees of both email and phone channels can track campaigns in process, with a continuous overview of the conversion rate of each project, and can fine-tune its metrics whenever it’s needed.

The features of VCC Live also proved useful during the pandemic, as MVM Next’s contact center easily moved its operations remote in a few days. The ability to monitor agents in real-time has been a great tool in managing MVM Next’s home office agents and immediately available, real-time statistics helped provide transparency and oversight in the work of customer service team leaders.

VCC Live’s constantly supportive customer service was also important for the employees of MVM Next.

“I found a very dynamic team with VCC Live. I always get a reply within a day to all of my inquiries. Very willing colleagues are sitting on the other side. The goal is always to solve the problem as soon as possible. This level of support has been unprecedented in my work so far.”

Bodor Péter

- Digital Sales Channel Manager, MVM Next


VCC Live’s scalability, easy-to-use script editing features, and the availability of real-time customer data have enabled the MVM Next team to tailor its customer communication strategy to its needs, both in its email and telephone channels.

Easy-to-interpret and instantly available reports and call statistics have enabled MVM Next’s contact center to dynamically communicate with its customers, based on real-time data, resulting in a better conversion rate. Live dashboards and real-time monitoring features have helped give more oversight and transparency in the work of customer service team leaders. These features also proved useful once MVM Next moved its operations remote. Finally, VCC Live’s customer support proved to be a consistently helpful partner for the contact center teams at MVM Next.