Why is a Script Editor a Useful Tool For Contact Center Agents

June 19, 2020

Poor client outreach and support can make or break your business. Whether your company deals with outbound calls or customer support, having the right communication is key. Key elements of an effective communication strategy are having reliable and effective agents and the right technology in place. An effective way to help your agents and ensure that your clients’ needs are satisfied is having a script editing software in place. The script editor enables your agents to communicate with your clients in the most effective way possible, by preparing them for each conversation based on the specific business needs of your company.

Script editors used in call centers allow you to create customizable call guides that you can tailor to the specifics of your client interactions. This enables agents to follow customized scripts during conversations, depending on the type of call that they are handling and on the client that they are speaking to.

Still not sure? Here’s how script editors help your day to day contact center interactions:

1. Unification

The most obvious aspect that script editors bring to the table is the option of unification. With the help of script editors, you can unify the way that your agents handle inbound or outbound calls, depending on your business needs. This helps solve the problem of agents going off script, guaranteeing that your customer interactions are handled in a manner that best suits your business and that your customer service standards are up to your company’s standards. This can be especially helpful, when you have new, untrained agents, who still need to get the hang of customer communications or learn the specifics of your product or brand.

2. Dynamic response

Next to unification, you also don’t want your agents to sound like they are reading a programmed script. With a script editor, this should not be a problem. Script editors enable you to adjust the script of an agent, based on the responses of the customers that they are speaking to. This way, you can avoid agents sounding robotic or inexperienced. The dynamic response function of script editors can be especially helpful when dealing with unexpected or hard to manage situations, such as an angry customer.

3. Customization

Whether you are dealing with inbound or outbound calls, the customization function of script editors can help you in either process. Using the data that you already have with a client, script editors allow dynamic responses based on the client’s previous history.

If you are dealing with outbound calls and have a sales operation, customization can be especially useful. Your client has a history of buying razors and shaving foam but cancelled his subscription? Why not offer him beard care products! This function will help you agents increase sales as well as efficiency, as they will not spend time offering products or services to clients who might be uninterested. With the right data in place, your agents will know who they are talking to and what your company can offer to them. Additionally, the customization function can also help your inbound calls, as the agent will know the state of the client, with regards to previous issues or handled requests and follow the script accordingly. No need to reiterate previous conversations and ask questions that have already been asked!

The customization feature of script editors can also help more experienced agents have a sense of accomplishment, as it can be an extremely useful tool in helping them provide a seamless customer service, whether its sales or customer support.

While it might seem like an obvious investment for any business managing contact center operations, many still don’t have a dynamic script editor in place. Smooth client interactions are beneficial, not just for your branding efforts, but also with direct sales! With features, such as unification, dynamic response, and customization, you can make sure that your agents will be able to handle customer communications, regardless of what business sector you are in!

VCC Live scripting tool in action

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