VCC Live Offers Its Software Free of Charge to the University of Pécs for Healthcare Consultation and Virus Research

May 07, 2020

To help organizations during the coronavirus crisis, VCC Live has launched its ‘Love to Help’ initiative, which offers free use of our cloud-based contact center software to any organization involved in providing information and support to the public via telephone during the crisis.

Thanks to the technology used and the company’s many years of experience, organizations can set up and begin to use VCC Live’s software in a matter of days. Amongst others, the software is being utilized by the University of Pécs and the Translational Medicina Foundation’s joint research group, who are using the software for healthcare consultation and virus research.

To help in the fight against COVID-19 the two organizations, along with the Pál Heim Children’s Hospital, established KETLAK, an action and research group to help support the Hungarian population in dealing with the virus. KETLAK’s first initiative is PROAKTIV-19, which offers healthcare consultation over the phone, and uses the collected clinical data to help with research into the virus.

Consultation is available via phone for asymptomatic individuals over 60 who have not officially contracted COVID-19. During the consultation, patients either receive general information on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle or personalized advice on how to change their own specific lifestyle in order to improve their overall health. The objective of the service is to help people over 60 improve their immune systems and thus become more resistant to the virus.

Since consultation is carried out via phone, the organization needed a reliable, cloud-based software allowing their volunteer medical students to carry out their work smoothly and safely while working remotely from home.

Attila Márta, communications coordinator at the Translational Medicina Foundation said: “Setting up VCC Live was incredibly quick, and it only took a few days for us to start our clinical consultation service using the system. Our colleagues were a bit worried at the beginning as they had never used a contact center software before, but they soon realized VCC Live is truly an easy-to-use solution. And if we experience any issues, the VCC team is always there to help us.”

VCC Live provided the organization with both incoming and outgoing features, with our advanced callback technology allowing patients to easily request a call back. The system is currently being used by 30 operators, who provide clinical consultation 7 days a week. We also set up a review system for KETLAK, allowing their patients to give them feedback about the experience of the service.

“We are particularly proud to be able to help this research group with their work,” said Tímea Hegedűsné Szegei, Key Account Manager at VCC Live. “We are all being confronted with the difficulties caused by the current state of emergency in Hungary, and we realize that healthcare is one of the most severely-affected sectors in the economy. We believe it is important for us to be able to help as many Hungarian organizations as possible during this difficult situation.”

If you are over 60, and would like to make use of this clinical consultation service opportunity, please call: 06 80 442 642

If your organization is involved in the fight against the coronavirus, and would like to use VCC Live’s software in your work, please contact us at [email protected].

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