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Alexandra Kozma
Content Marketer at VCC Live
June 29, 2021
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VCC Live and SEON partner to deliver omnichannel fraud prevention solutions

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The joint venture will empower finance companies to detect fraudsters through phone and digital channels without disrupting customer experience

Budapest, HU./London UK. 29 June 2021: VCC Live, the cloud contact centre software specialists today announces its partnership with SEON, the fraud fighters. Through the deal, they will work together to help end fraud for contact centres in the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector.

The deal will mean that VCC Live customers will benefit from SEON’s security and fraud detection across all channels, including phone, email, or webchat, minimising the time spent on analysing fraudulent applications. It will also mean increased accuracy and maximised efficiency when identifying fraudulent activity and enhancing customer identification.

BFSI companies typically operate with outsourced or internal contact centres, which employ teams of agents to perform customer verification, sales, customer support and debt collection through phone and digital channels.  Agents must authenticate the customer, however, fraudsters take advantage of the human nature of contact centres to impersonate customers and take over accounts. 

Enhancing data enrichment, SEON’s Intelligence Tool scans open-source databases and gathers extra information about users based on factors such as email address, phone number or IP address. It further enables users to verify if an email address is valid, and can instantaneously retrieve background information for a complete user profile. This can also be used to flag fraudsters, confirm suspicions or remove doubts.  

Szabolcs Tóth, Founder and CEO at VCC Live, commented: “A common problem for contact centres is account takeovers, with fraudsters taking advantage of the fact that many companies use humans for their customer care rather than automated solutions. That is why we teamed up with SEON, which offers the very best in fraud protection, to provide us with the tools we needed to better protect our customers.”

Speaking on the announcement, Tamas Kadar, CEO and Co-Founder at SEON, said: “Almost half of global businesses have experienced a surge in account takeovers, so now more than ever it’s critical that we start working together to combat this. Partnering with VCC Live takes us to the heart of the problem, enabling us to equip those contact centre employees on the front line with an advanced suite of tools in order to identify bad actors and take the action needed.”

He added: “Not only does this partnership represent a great meeting of minds, with an enthusiasm for increasing security across the BFSI sector, but complementary solutions too.”

About SEON  

SEON helps online businesses of all sizes fight back against fraud. It was built out of necessity and aims to remove the barriers to fraud prevention that many companies face, with rapid integration times, rolling monthly contracts and a one-size-fits-all platform that is easy to operate and is accessible 24/7. Its technology draws on data from across the internet to establish customers’ digital footprints to wean out false accounts and prevent fraudulent transactions from taking place and all of SEON’s tools work in the back-end to remove any friction associated with fraud prevention.

To learn more about SEON and the services it provides, visit:  

Alexandra Kozma
Content Marketer at VCC Live
Alexandra Kozma is a technical support agent turned copywriter. At VCC Live, she's converting her experience of long days under the headset into informative articles on the personal and technical aspects of the contact center life.