Software Company Symbol Tech Empowers Their Customer Service with VCC Live

February 04, 2020

Software company, Symbol Tech, who specializes in developing billing systems, selected VCC Live’s cloud-based contact center software to help them level up their customer service performance.

Founded in 2005, Symbol Tech works on developing and delivering reliable systems for companies in several industries, handling billing, stock management and corporate management activities. As a B2B software provider, with international clients as large as TV shop giant Mediashop, the company knew they needed to rely on a modern contact center software product with a wide range of features in order to be able to provide continuous and exceptional support to their customers.

In particular, it was essential for the company to be able to handle all of their incoming queries efficiently within a short period of time. To satisfy their needs, they turned to VCC Live’s system to provide them with the ideal solution.

Most importantly, VCC Live’s advanced multichannel package enables customers to interact using a number of channels, including phone, email, chat and social media. This will allow Symbol Tech to serve their customers in a timely manner via the channel of their choice.

In addition, a well-built IVR is the backbone of any customer service team handling incoming queries, so in order to provide the best possible support for their customers, Symbol Tech entrusted VCC Live to build them a personalized IVR. After a comprehensive assessment, our team constructed a unique IVR for the company, taking into account their special requirements, including managing calls with accordance of the company’s multiple opening hours.

As being able to monitor agent activity and performance was another major priority for Symbol Tech, VCC Live’s advanced reporting and monitoring tools also made their solution the perfect choice.

Our monitoring tools allow Symbol Tech to see the whole picture: not only can they detect and react more quickly at peak times, but they can also closely track agent performance. Symbol Tech also benefits from our dashboards, which display the most important information in real time in front of their agents, thus enabling them to remain aware at all times of the customer service team‘s activities.

“It was a great experience to be able to assess Symbol Tech’s needs and offer them a package with all the features they could ever need,” said Tímea Hegedűsné Szegedi, Key Account Manager at VCC Live. “We’re also delighted that they trust us and allow us to support them in their daily customer service activities. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with their team.”

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