Spanish Loan Company Medius Collections Chooses VCC Live to Fuel Their Debt Collection

June 12, 2020

Medius Collections, the Spanish branch of the dynamically-developing debt collection company, Kancelaria Medius Group, has chosen VCC Live’s debt collection software to boost their collection rates. 

Founded in 2016, Medius Collections’ mission is to provide creative, innovative and secure solutions in the field of debt management. The company started operating using a number of manual tools, but as their portfolio started to increase, they soon realized they needed to leverage an all-in-one solution that would offer a wide range of functions.

“When we started to negotiate with VCC Live, we were very satisfied with the team’s professionalism,” said Miguel Gómez-Landero Blanco, Medius Collections. “As opposed to the previous systems we had used, VCC Live’s team took the time to get to know our business and processes, and consulted us on which features we should implement based on our industry-specific needs. The implementation process went smoothly, and we could always reach VCC Live’s team easily, whether we needed to talk to someone from the IT department or from the business side.”

Most industries, including the payment market, have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With 65% of their customer portfolio in Spain, one of the most affected countries in Europe, Medius Collection was no exception. Luckily, VCC Live’s cloud-based software allowed the company to instantly switch to a remote working environment and continue with their operations smoothly. In particular, despite having a huge internal database, Medius Collection were easily able to integrate it into VCC Live, with the company’s agents having no problem accessing it from their remote locations.

“During the pandemic people in Spain could not leave their homes, and therefore were unable to go to a bank to settle their debts, so it was necessary for us to find a solution that allowed us to continue our operations,” commented Mr Gómez-Landero. “VCC Live proposed their unique over-the-phone solution, VCC Pay, as the way to allow our customers to settle their debts via a single phone call. Thanks to this feature, we are not only able to continue collecting debts but are also achieving better and better results, day after day.”

When it comes to debt collection, reaching out via phone does not work for everyone. As Medius Collections was well aware, customers often do not answer their calls or simply change their phone number, and so the company started to utilize VCC Live’s Optichannel Debt Collector, enabling them to create different debtor profiles, and reach out to each group on the most optimal channel. Thanks to VCC Live, Medius Collection can now create different debtor groups in their portfolio and use different channels, such as email, chat, Whatsapp, SMS and social media, to contact them.

“VCC Live offered a solution that we absolutely needed,” concluded Mr Gómez-Landero. “We now have modernized processes, and at the end of the day better results, because of VCC Live.”

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