Screen Sharing For Customer Service – What You Need To Know

January 09, 2019

Visual engagement takes customer service to the next level. Luckily, thanks to ever-evolving technology solutions, more and more visual engagement platforms are appearing on the market, allowing businesses to level up their customer interactions with ease.

We’ve already talked about video for customer service and co-browsing in previous articles, so this time we’ll discuss the benefits of screen sharing for customer service departments. Read on, and you’ll soon realize it is something you need to put on your customer service list for this year!

Real-time problem solving

One thing is certain, speed has become vital to customers. They value their time, and expect you to resolve their issues as soon as possible, without any hassle.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of screen sharing is that it allows businesses to provide real-time support. By using screen sharing your agents, for example, will be able to guide your customers through an issue step by step, while also providing them with visual aid at the same time.

As a result, your first call resolution rate will improve significantly, while arranging call backs will become increasingly unnecessary. This, of course, will not only ease up your phone lines but also increase your overall customer satisfaction.

Improved customer engagement

Most people are visual learners, and understand you better when they can not only hear what you say but can also see your instructions.

By using visual engagement solutions such as screen sharing, businesses can add visualization to their customer service, thus helping agents and customers understand each other better, and so improve customer support.

In particular, by using screen sharing, users can access and see a customer’s entire screen, and can also control and make changes on the customer’s screen as well.

With customer attention span getting shorter and shorter, what better way to keep them engaged than by using a visual aid?


Just think about having to explain a software setup to a customer who is struggling to keep up with your agent: it’s not convenient for your agent, or your customer. But with screen sharing, you can easily turn potentially unsatisfied customers into satisfied customers.

Screen sharing is an ideal solution for when your team needs to deal with complex technical issues. In such situations, phone calls are often long and complicated, with agents trying their best to identify specific problems and communicate the solution in a way that is understandable to customers.

In contrast, with screen sharing, your agents will be able to simply share their monitor with customers and show them how to solve the problem step by step. No more need for agents to send a bunch of screenshots to explain an issue!

Ideal for remote agents

Utilizing remote agents can be highly beneficial for customer service departments in terms of productivity, operations, and cost-effectiveness. With remote agents, businesses can employ highly-skilled multilingual agents anywhere in the world, without being limited by geographic factors. It’s no surprise then that more and more companies have started to leverage this beneficial workforce model.

However, making use of employees based around the world can be problematic in terms of team meetings and training sessions. Indeed, for a remote worker, weekly meetings can easily turn into a nightmare if they can’t see or hear anything.

Fortunately, screen sharing allows everyone in a meeting, whether on- or off-site, to see what’s going on. You can easily share your screen with remote agents and they in turn can also share their screens with you. As a result, no one feels left out of a conversation.

It is also possible to share a view with many users, which is a great solution when, for example, you need to share a presentation among a group of remote agents. Similarly, you can use the same technique to provide a group of remote agents with training resources.

Screen sharing is easy-to-use, convenient and quick. Amongst other things, it allows your business to solve problems in real-time, increase customer engagement, and utilize remote agents without much less hassle. So maybe it’s time for your business to give it a try?

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