Leading Recruitment Agency Schönherz Iskolaszövetkezet Selects VCC Live to Power their Calls

November 14, 2019

With almost every industry facing workforce shortage, recruiting talents and connect them with their ideal work place is more challenging than ever for recruitment agencies.

As recruitment agencies serve as an intermediary between the employee and employer, efficient communication is key for successful recruiting and selecting. And for crystal-clear communication, an up-to-date telephony solution is definitely needed.

Schönherz Iskolaszövetkezet, Hungary’s leading recruitment agency specialized for connecting students with a wide range of jobs, knew that very well when they decided to select VCC Live to power their call activities.

Founded in 1995, the company has a long history in recruiting and selecting the best workforce for several industries, including information technology, support, software development, finance, accounting, sales and marketing. The company also recruits student workforce for temporary positions, such as professional practice or summer work.

VCC Live’s advanced inbound and outbound features allow Schönherz to effectively handle their incoming calls and also successfully reach out to their applicants while keeping their abandoned call rate low.

VCC Live provides several dialer options, with each of them being efficient for different customer cases. Conducting interviews through the phone is a common practice for recruitment agencies, which, of course, requires operators to prepare for the conversations. Using our manual dialer, operators at Schönherz can go through scripts and prepare for their interviews and then start the call with one click.

We are proud that since our cooperation started, Schönherz initiates approximately 5000 calls per month using VCC Live. About Schönherz and VCC Live blooming partnership, János Piskolti, Key Account Manager at VCC Live, highlights: it’s a pleasure that Schönherz Iskolaszövetkezet trusts us and allows us to support them in their daily call activities. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with them.”

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