Key to success: the user-friendly IVR menu – Part 3

July 09, 2015
July 09, 2015
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Customers navigate and make decisions through IVR with the help of its menu. It’s highly important that this menu should be user-friendly, not taking too much time to sort it out, and should not confuse customers. Navigation through this menu has to be easy and transparent, and all unnecessary information recommended to be cleared out.

Main characteristics of a well designed menu system

  • menus are understandably formulated, for an easy comprehension
  • menus do not need too much information, and at the same time they have to be short, and express easily their goals
  • the perfect IVR is not too deep
  • one menu item has to offer a limited number of choices, experts recommend maximum three or four, more choices are hard to remember
  • menu items containing popular information should be placed at the top of the hierarchy
  • the description of the menu item must precede the number of the keypad
  • customers must be allowed enough time to choose a menu item
  • possibility to ask for an operator should be available in every place possible
  • recorded sound has to be high quality, no matter if we talk about machine-generated or recorded, human talks
  • it has to be customisable; which can be achieved with the help of software support, e.g. local information and promotional offers should be only delivered to relevant customers
  • menu system must be designed considering the customer experience, and, if needed, by polling the calling customers

IVR has a bright future

Interactive response systems are constantly developing due to the advances in computer telephony integration and in supporting software. Research in artificial intelligence also shapes the future of IVR. According to expert forecasts, self-service systems based on MI will be widespread in the future. Voice recognition systems will have a big role to play. Voice based conversational IVR can become the path of future development.

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