IVR system’s menu development is an important task – Part 2

June 18, 2015
June 18, 2015
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The most useful technology in customer care centre is the Interactive Voice Response – IVR. When poorly designed this technology is also the most criticised one.

IVR system’s menu development is an important task - Part 2


From the customers simplified point of view: IVR is an automated system, controlled by telephone keypads, and provides answers to their questions, and if needed it connects a live operator. From the company’s point of view: with this computer-based system, the business can provide information or solve customer problems without the need for a live operator.

IVR technology has many advantages

IVR is used with success in many fields: bill payment, reservations, ticket ordering, providing basic information regarding different services, changing agreements, market research.

Customers don’t necessarily like these automated services, mostly because they dislike the idea of communicating with a machine. But a thorough investigation always finds that the criticised IVR’s were set up and are being run unprofessionally. A well-designed system presents obvious advantages both for the company, and its customers. From the company’s point of view: customer care capacity is increased by several orders of magnitude compared to the live operator model. The system’s operation cost is much lower than a traditional system’s. Customers can appreciate comfort – they can solve their problems from their home -, speed and cost savings (there is no need to travel somewhere, so they can save time and money).

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