IVR system – dynamic IVR – part 5

July 23, 2015
July 23, 2015
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Dynamic IVR – the customer’s best friend

The Interactive Voice Response – IVR is defined as a user-friendly menu system, where a customer can get access to the desired information or to a live operator with the help of his/her phone keypads. This system has a constant, static menu. The dynamic IVR’s menu offers multiple possibilities to clients the other side of the line.

What is a dynamic menu?

Briefly: a dynamic menu is a menu that changes based on information from the customer. As an example: the customer gives his or her identification number. Due to this number, the system allocates all user histories to the call (e.g. past interaction with customer care). But this identifier also opens up the possibility for a personalized menu, where items offering a quick problem-solving list. When a customer has an ongoing complaint, the system recognizes it and brings the mentioned personalized menu in, so the caller does not need to get through the entire IVR system one more time.

A basic version of the dynamic menu is when customer is identified by its previously recorded phone number. Based on customer interaction history a personalised menu proposed. Virtual Call Centre uses this version of dynamic IVR.
Personalisation includes more opportunities that speed up information exchange: customer data (numbers, texts) is associated with this personal IVR menu, and this data is available for the client as well (e.g. bank account balance).

Also, there are more sophisticated dynamic menus; the system becomes more intelligent when additional variables are introduced. Besides the caller’s phone number, location or other customer provided data (e.g. customer identifier) can be taken into consideration when building the personalised menu. True dynamism is provided by the combined use of menu items and available data, which build up several alternative menus according to the navigation of the customers during call.

Benefits of a dynamic menu

With the help of a dynamic menu IVR greatly improves so that it takes a lot shorter for clients to get the required information. Faster process results in efficiency improvement and keeps costs on lower level. Waiting time becomes shorter, which saves time also for clients. Live operators could also be more efficient and work faster because the customer’s interaction history is already displayed on their computer screen.

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