IUBH University of Applied Sciences Chooses VCC Live to Handle Customer Interactions

February 18, 2021

IUBH University of Applied Sciences, a state-recognized international university, set up VCC Live’s cloud-based software in order to be able to handle all of their customer service interactions on one platform.

The university offers more than 200 Bachelors, Masters and MBA programs with 28 locations for over 60.000 students. The focus is on internationality: the courses are all taught in English and German. The contents are tailored for the individual local requirements in an international environment.

For an international university facilitating so many students from all over the world, being able to communicate with applicants impeccably on the highest levels is absolutely necessary. This is why the company decided to onboard with VCC Live.

IUBH chose VCC Live’s professional package, including innovative features such as our highly-customizable predictive dialer, voicemail detection, and special prioritization of imported clients. VCC Live also allowed the company to rapidly react to the changes caused by COVID-19, enabling IUBH to switch to remote work with their entire workforce.

After successfully setting up and starting to leverage our solution, IUBH plans with VCC Live for the long term: in 2021, the company plans to use the software with twice as many agents as in 2020.

“It was a great experience to be able to assess IUBH’s needs and offer them a package with all the features they could need,” said Dennis Flaum, Key Account Manager at VCC Live. “We’re also delighted that they trust us and allow us to support them in their daily customer service activities. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with their team.”

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