How to Improve Your Call Quality Monitoring in the Call Center

January 16, 2020

Let’s admit, it might be difficult for both customers and agents to understand each other when it comes to solving an issue via customer service phone lines. In such stressful situations, having the right approach and handing the call with no interruptions is vital in order to keep customers calm and satisfied.

The same goes for outbound activities. Given the high volume of customer service interactions call centers have on a daily basis, monitoring your call quality is critical in order to make sure that your processes are going smoothly, and that your team is handling customer interactions professionally.

Below are my tips on how you can improve call quality monitoring in the call center.

Which elements contribute to the quality of your calls?

Having local hardware, accessories and internet services, together with an up-to-date contact center system, is essential for quality calls. VCC Live is definitely among the best solutions for stable operations: our primary features come with a 99,5% minimum availability guarantee, enabling smooth and continuous contact center operations.

Furthermore, in order to able to take and make quality calls, you’ll need to leverage good-quality telecommunications services that are able to smoothly operate within your software. At VCC Live, we make sure that the quality of our call connections remains at their highest by working together with more than 40 highly-reliable telecommunications providers around the world. We assure service continuity by providing you with multiple failover routings if you fall victim to service interruptions on the partner’s side.

Last but not least, your agents’ dedicated work and your contact center software’s technical solutions can also help you keep your quality management at the highest level. VCC Live comes with a sophisticated Quality Management module that lets you easily assess and provide feedback on your agents’ work. You can also listen in, whisper or join a call in conference mode. And with our latest feature, the monitoring dashboard, you can see your key performance Indicators in real-time, no matter where you are!

The importance of monitoring call quality

The aim of quality monitoring is to identify calls that are failing to meet predefined standards and customer expectations, and then take action to make the process better.

Tracking customer calls is a common practice in call centers, and for good reason: call quality monitoring will allow you to observe your team’s performance, and as a result be able to adjust their activities for better results.

Furthermore, if you suspect any anomalies regarding your workflow or how your agents are handling certain situations, you’ll be able to easily intervene and react in time, again for better results.

Monitoring your calls systematically will also help you save the time and money you would normally spend on solving problems post-factum.

Call quality monitoring is essential for outbound calls too. By tracking your workload, average wait time and call abandonment rate, for instance, you can once again monitor your performance and overall customer satisfaction. And it is just one example of important KPIs that you can easily watch live in VCC software.

And last but definitely not least, we all know that one major mission of any customer service team is to make (and keep) customers happy. And what better way to keep them happy than by continuously monitoring your customer interactions and taking action to improve them.

How to improve your call quality monitoring

By implementing and applying call quality monitoring best practices, you’ll be able to detect areas that need work, and improve them in the long run.

First and foremost, create a list of the most important KPIs that you will frequently follow to ensure the smooth operation of your call center. There is no need to keep track of all data, just focus on what’s important for you and work on reaching your targets.

Then, make sure to choose a call center software that allows call recording and real-time call monitoring. With VCC Live’s software you can not only record your calls but also, with the help of features such as real-time monitoring, dashboards and wallboards, keep track of what’s happening in real time.

Furthermore, always take time to provide your agents with appropriate training sessions in order to enable them to excel at their jobs, while also frequently updating them about the system solutions that are available for them to use.

Providing feedback should be an important part of your monitoring processes. Make sure your supervisors are actively monitoring calls – for instance by listening into customer calls –and providing useful insights not only to their team but also to the higher managers and owners. It may be also a good idea to create real-time agent performance reports and display them on dashboards so that your agents can be made aware of their performance levels, and your managers can keep up-to-date with the results. Remember that there is no great monitoring solution that will do the job for you, so be active in verifying your results to make 100% use of it.

Another great call quality monitoring practice is to identify and save examples of your “best calls” and use them as training aids to help your agents acquire successful techniques to handle customer interactions.

And as we all know, practice makes perfect. Once you developed your call monitoring processes, it doesn’t mean your work is done. Testing your procedures and dynamically adjusting them to the changes that your company may be facing is equally important. Turning this into regular practice will make all the difference.

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