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History of IVR – Interactive Voice Response – Part 1

IVR technology is based on the dual-tone multi-frequency technology developed in the 1960’s by Bell System.

History of IVR technology - Interactive Voice Response - Part 1

The dial mode based on tones allowed the development of phones with a keypad. These keys could be used for other tasks than dialing – the earlier pulse technology allowing only dialing. In the 1970s, IVR technology started to develop, but the first systems were rather complicated and expensive. In the 1980s, thanks to hardware development IVR technology became affordable for more companies. But the most significant leap, which defines today’s IVR tools came from computer telephony integration, where all customer communication related data and voice are integrated into one platform.

User-friendly IVR menu – Part 3
IVR system’s menu development is an important task – Part 2

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