Data Analytics: Why It’s Crucial For Your Call Center

June 21, 2018

We live in a world where over half of the population is connected to the internet, and 9 out of 10 users access their chosen platforms via mobile devices. The amount of data shared every day – up to 2.5 million terabytes – is astonishing. Data analytics is essential.

Building exceptional customer experience is the backbone of every call center, and meaningful data analytics can definitely make things easier. In fact, customer service works best when it’s driven by data.

At a call center, data is everywhere: agent average talk time, average handling time, proportion of closed deals or first call resolution are all examples of important call center metrics that are readily available. However, one thing is to gather data, another thing is to actually make good use of it.

In this article, we’ll highlight how data analytics can help your business provide exceptional customer experience as well as increase your sales performance.

Personalized customer service

As huge amounts of data are being generated by customers using different channels, forward-thinking companies have already started to utilize this information to deliver more personalized customer experience.

Proper analysis of customer data is the first step in understanding your customers. In fact, data analytics will allow you to better understand your customers’ behaviors and needs, and thus add personalization to your customer service.

For instance, by identifying which questions your customers are commonly asking, you can set up a knowledge base on your website, and let your customers look up the information they needed, without having to contact your customer service reps. As a result, the number of your incoming calls will reduce, and your agents will be able to focus on more complex issues.

It’s a common practice at call centers to record customer calls for training purposes. So, make sure to analyze these recorded calls (make sure to comply with GDPR!) to identify recurring issues your customers are experiencing. Once you identified the most common recurring issues, try and fix them before they become bigger problems.

Furthermore, check out online reviews and social media platforms to find out what customers are saying about the quality of your customer service and use these insights to create a more tailored experience for them.

Increase customer loyalty

According to a research conducted by Bain & Co, acquiring new customers is 5 times as costly as retaining existing ones. In the customer service industry, therefore, customer loyalty is above all.

As we all know, nothing cultivates customer loyalty as much as efficient customer experience. When your customers need support, your agents need to address their issues as quickly and as painless as possible.

In today’s competitive business environment, it’s more than difficult to earn customers’ trust. When your customers, however, need help and it is offered in an efficient way, chances are that the positive experience will increase their trust in your business.

Furthermore, as already mentioned, forward-thinking call centers have already realized that their recorded calls – containing valuable data – can be used for a lot more than training purposes.

These days, technologies, such as speech analytics, is able to analyze the caller’s tone, vocabulary, and sentiment, while identifying which agents are not treating your customers properly.

The level of success or difficulty that specific agents experience with various types of calls can also help you better understand which of your agents are best suited to handle certain calls.

Increase cross-sell and upsell

Applying meaningful data analytics can play a key role in improving customer service as well as increasing sales performance.

During telesales campaigns, when your agents are offering products, or additional services to your customers, it’s essential for them to understand which offers are relevant for them.

In short, the secret here is to offer products to your customers that match their preferences. But how do you know what are their preferences?

By using data analytics, you’ll be able to examine the patterns in the customer’s past behavior, correlate this information with similar customers, and then identify potential products and services that may be relevant for your customers.

With relatively uncomplicated data analytics, such as purchase history, you’ll be able to identify your customers’ preferences and needs. Such information will definitely help your agents cross or upsell products that are the most relevant to your customers.

By applying meaningful data analytics, call centers can create more personalized customer experience, increase customer loyalty and improve sales performance. So, don’t just sit on your data goldmine, start utilizing it by following our pro tips!

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