Call Center Consulting: Increase Your Cross- and Upselling by Utilizing Expert Advice

November 28, 2018

While cross- and upselling is vital for any call center, achieving successful sales results depends on a couple of factors. Firstly, a reliable technology solution will put you on the path to success. Secondly, leveraging call center consulting will help your call center move ahead. Ultimately, it is the combination of the two that will make the biggest difference.

In this article, I’ll take things a step further and tell you how you can increase your cross- and upsell figures by relying on call center consulting services. Don’t miss out on this one!

Building a better IVR experience with the help of consultants

While there’s no doubt IVRs are designed to improve customer experience, to be honest, they rarely serve their purpose. And, needless to say, a customer frustrated with dealing with a troublesome IVR will not consider upgrading their service. On the other hand, if you manage to provide a seamless customer experience via your IVR, you’ll more likely to be able to successfully use cross- and upselling tactics, and encourage your customers to purchase.  

Therefore, the secret of increasing sales via IVR technology is simple: provide your customers with an exceptional IVR experience and make sure they leave your business 100% satisfied.

Designing an IVR solution, of course, requires significant time and resources. In addition, businesses often involve a third party in the project, making the process even more complex and time-consuming.

However, although you may not believe it, you can actually also design your IVR solution on your own…but only if you utilize the knowledge of industry experts. And if you decide to leverage call center consulting services, the chances are you’ll end up with a better-constructed IVR that truly fits your needs. In addition, if your consultant is also your provider, you can be sure that your IVR will be perfectly integrated with your other systems.

By relying on VCC Live’s industry knowledge, for example, our customers can design their own IVR solution together with our team of consultants, who provide advisory services and support during the design as well as the implementation process. The results are well-constructed and tailor-made IVR structures designed to fit specific business needs.

Creating powerful scripts by utilizing call center consulting

When it comes to cross- and upselling, it is still the human factor that helps tip the scales in the right direction. Therefore, if you want to improve your sales figures, then make sure to provide your agents with the right tools they need in order to close as many deals as possible. A powerful call center script is definitely one of those tools.

When used properly, they can help your agents provide an excellent customer experience, as well as allow them to benefit from cross- and upsell opportunities. On the other hand, a lack of effective call center scripts can easily turn your customer service into a nightmare and reduce your sales performance levels.

By relying on call center consulting services, you’ll be able to build powerful and successful cross- and upsell technique scripts. Providers that offer consulting services work with a great number of call centers and acquire an in-depth industry knowledge over the years. In addition, they can offer invaluable insights from several other industries, and their industry-specific mindset allows call centers to think outside the box and come up with ideas they would never have previously thought of.

Call center scripts can have a powerful effect on your business – but only if the script you use is powerful itself. One thing is for sure: if you get it right, it definitely works, so make sure to rely on experts. And speaking of powerful call center scripts, as a first step, it may be a good idea to check out our ultimate guide to building effective call center scripts.

Real-time payment – leveraging the latest industry trend

Real-time payment is definitely the next big thing in the call center industry. And, as the name suggests, it is the perfect tool to increase cross- and upsell figures.  

Real-time payment, also called instant payment, is becoming and more and more popular, mainly due to customers’ increasing expectations for speed and convenience. It’s no surprise, therefore, that forward-thinking businesses reacted to this new demand and started to offer a portfolio of real-time payment solutions.

How can real-time payments help in reality? Well, let’s say you receive a call via your IVR and your agent successfully closes an upsell deal. Normally what you receive will be merely a promise, but with real-time payments, you can now turn promises into actual payments. In other words, you can close the sales cycle.

Furthermore, as already mentioned in a previous article, the greatest chance for a successful conversion is during a conversation. And thanks to the latest technology, it is now possible for agents to initiate bank card payments during a single phone call. Yes, really!

This method of providing customers with the option of making real-time payments during phone calls is a unique technology solution, and is available as part of VCC Live’s software solution.

Of course, the technology is complex and requires a thorough planning and implementation process. And, again, this is where call center consultants can make all the difference. When we implemented the solution for the first time, as well as the technical implementation process, we also provided our customer with in-depth training on how to use the payment option and effectively approach customers and close deals using it. The results spoke for themselves!

As you can see, you can benefit greatly from choosing a provider that has in-depth industry knowledge and is ready to share it with you. Make sure to bear this in mind when looking for a new provider!

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