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Product demo

Watch these videos to see how VCC Live looks like and how it can help you solve issues in your contact center.

VCC Live’s IVR system helps you handle more calls and better use your agents’ time by giving interactive options to your callers. Check out the video to get familiar with what’s it like to set up, edit and test IVR trees in VCC Live.

  • Add and edit IVR buttons on-the-fly
  • Apply changes instantly without deployment time
  • Make test calls simulating any time and date to experience the same as your callers
  • Sync your IVR tree with a CRM to make real-time changes in your IVR
  • Add voice identification for additional security and flexibility

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Watch this video to see what our predictive dialer is capable of. We’ll show you how to quickly upload your dial list, update settings, and start making calls.

Use our automatic dialer to:

  • Increase talk time and reduce wait time
  • Make your agents more productive
  • Reduce frustrations related to waiting for connections

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VCC Live gives you access to sophisticated functions which you can fully set up yourself, without involving the IT team. For example, you can build and run automated voice campaigns with as many interactive options (IVR) as you like.

Use automatic voice calling to:

  • Send overdue payment reminders (debt collection)
  • Send appointment reminders and notifications
  • Run automatic surveys (for example NPS)

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Explore how VCC Live’s call center scripting tool (editor) can help you give your agents what they need at exactly the right time. It’ll also help you ensure all data entered during calls is 100% accurate and consistent.

Watch to get a better understanding of:

  • How scripting software can minimize errors
  • How interactive, step-by-step scripts guide agents
  • Additional tools you can give agents in scripts

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Detecting voicemail is one of the best ways to ensure your agents spend time on real calls. You can skip calls that connected to voicemail and put them on a predefined process (e.g. recording a message, or sending an SMS).

Use voicemail detection to:

  • Increase the time your agents talk to real people
  • Reduce frustration related to unreached connections
  • Only focus on things that matter & automate everything else

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Explore some of the sophisticated settings you can customize yourself in VCC Live. This will help you make changes without involving the IT team.

Watch this demo to see how easy it is to:

  • Add 100% custom KPIs to your dashboard
  • Manage agent schedules
  • Add and modify custom dispositions
  • Add new fields to the agent interface

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With VCC Live, it’s possible to make and receive calls without even leaving your CRM dashboard. See how this integration looks like and how it can make your life A LOT easier.

With this handy Salesforce integration you can:

  • Access your contact center’s features directly in Salesforce
  • View CRM data and make updates on-the-fly, during phone calls
  • Receive inbound calls, view history and transfer calls

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Check out this handy integration between VCC Live and HubSpot which opens new opportunities for your team.

You’ll get a quick access to calling contacts directly from the contact list. And once the call gets concluded, detailed call outcomes and a call recording will be available directly in the activity list in HubSpot.

It’s also possible to sync data between HubSpot and VCC Live and vice versa. Watch the video to see it in action.

This is just a selection of videos showing example features of VCC Live.

If you haven’t seen what you’d like to see as a product demo, just send us a note and we will reach out to you.


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Teams that benefit most from using VCC Live

Check out how VCC Live’s contact center software makes the lives
of these particular teams & departments easier on a daily basis.

  • Customer service

    See how a robust contact center
    solution can dramatically
    improve the quality of customer

  • Sales teams

    Reach more prospects, get your
    campaigns better organized, or
    even make calls without any
    agents at all.

  • Debt collection

    Use VCC Live to ensure your debt
    collection campaigns bring as much
    as possible. Increase productivity
    and better track progress.

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